'Anonymous' Trump administration official will answer questions on Reddit

Tim O'Donnell

Tonight may be your chance to figure out the identity of the anonymous Trump administration official who wrote the famed 2018 New York Times op-ed about resisting the Trump administration from within its own ranks. Well, probably not — but there's no harm in asking.

The official who literally goes by 'Anonymous' nowadays will reportedly jump on Reddit at 7 p.m. ET to host a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" (notably, the chat is not titled "I'll answer anything") following the recent release of the mystery official's bestselling book, A Warning.

Reddit teased the online event earlier in the day, but also tempered expectations — it's hard to imagine that anything completely unexpected will come to light amid what will likely be very careful responses to questions, after all.

The book's publisher Sean Desmond said in a statement that the AMA is "the first opportunity for Anonymous to respond to questions about their decision to keep their identity secret, reactions to the book, the impeachment hearings, and to make an announcement regarding the 2020 election." Desmond very clearly implies that there will be no identity reveal, but it's probably a safe bet as to what the most common question will be anyway.

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