Another Amazing, Tricked-Out Barn Sits Atop This Week’s Most Popular Homes

Erik Gunther

When we first heard the word “barndominium” four months ago, we fell in love. This mashup was coined to describe an old barn converted into a loftlike living space. And it turns out, we’re not the only ones enamored with these rustic residences.

According to your clicks, a beautiful Texas barndominium soared into the top spot when we surveyed this week’s most popular homes on®. This old red structure has been transformed into a three-bedroom residence with all the expected modern conveniences, including an open kitchen with granite countertops. Yes, in a barn.

Beyond the bodacious barn, two other homes in Texas popped up in popularity: a fixer-upper in Waco and a regal ranch in Godley.

Away from the Lone Star State, you also clicked on a bargain mansion in rural Virginia, the most expensive home in Detroit, and another shotgun home in New Orleans.

Please lay down your weapons, and take a gander at this week’s most-clicked homes.

10. 4310 Old Mill Rd, Fort Wayne, IN

Price: $899,900
Why it’s here: A smart spend! Co-listing agent Cory Allen said this Midwest mansion “has a replacement estimate of over $2 million.” Built in the 1930s and designed by architect A.M. Strauss, this beautiful brick Tudor is an awesome opportunity to live the old-money lifestyle with spending a lot. With almost 9,000 square feet of living space, the five-bedroom estate is only $101 per square foot.

Fort Wayne, IN


9. 13800 FM 2331, Godley, TX

Price: $895,000
Why it’s here: This rustic ranch is close to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, but far enough away to offer over 12 acres of land. Naturally, it has a workshop, barn, and windmill, as well as an outdoor kitchen and pool.

Godley, TX


8. 1344 N Ogden Dr, Los Angeles, CA

Price: $1,750,000
Why it’s here: This cool Craftsman in West Hollywood has plenty of its century-old charm still intact. Smart upgrades to the two-bedroom home are visible throughout, which pushes its price tag into the multimillion-dollar range.

Los Angeles, CA


7. 97 Winder St, Detroit, MI

Price: $2,990,000
Why it’s here: It’s Detroit’s most expensive home! Fully renovated and currently operating as a bed-and-breakfast, it’s a 10-bedroom Victorian mansion with 9,000 square feet of living space. If you’ve ever dreamed of scrambling eggs for strangers, make your way to the Motor City now.

Detroit, MI


6. 202 S West St, Odell, IL

Price: $115,000
Why it’s here: This 11-bedroom former church is still drawing plenty of interest a couple of weeks after topping our most popular list. You don’t have to pray for affordability—it’s right here.

Odell, IL


5. 2420 Colcord Ave, Waco, TX

Price: $85,000
Why it’s here: It’s a big fixer-upper deep in the heart of Texas. This old house needs serious TLC, but the paltry initial investment makes it totally tantalizing. The four-bedroom property is only $23 per square foot, which makes it a serious bargain for someone willing to put in the work. Aside from the price, we’re very intrigued by the barbecue shed in the backyard.

Waco, TX


4. 526 Emmons Blvd, Wyandotte, MI

Price: $149,900
Why it’s here: “It’s a lot of house for the money,” said listing agent Michelle Davis. The former duplex has been converted back into a single-family residence with five bedrooms. There was “a lot of interest” in this grand brick building, said Davis, who accepted an offer this week.

Wyandotte, MI


3. 822 Nashville Ave, New Orleans, LA

Price: $514,900
Why it’s here: Last week, a double shotgun in the Big Easy topped our list. This week, we find a single shotgun home in New Orleans blasting into the third spot. And as with last week’s winner, this reconfigured shotgun residence is in the red-hot Audubon neighborhood.

New Orleans, LA


2. 515 Luke Mountain Rd, Covington, VA

Price: $549,000
Why it’s here: It’s a 12,000-square-foot mansion for less than $550,000! Listing agent Janie Harris told us only two families have owned the estate since it was built in 1919 by a paper mill magnate. The price isn’t a reflection of the home’s condition—it’s in fabulous shape—but the location is a bit rural. She described the home on nearly 25 acres as an “island all to itself,” adding that it would make a perfect B&B or a relaxing weekend getaway for a wealthy DC-area buyer. Only about 3.5 hours from the nation’s capital, the Alleghany County area is “up and coming,” Harris said. This bargain mansion would be a sweet score for a savvy buyer.

Covington, VA


1. 17415 County Road 4052, Kemp, TX

Price: $120,000
Why it’s here: It’s been four months since we came across our first barndominium. And history repeats itself thanks to this similar structure on 10 acres—it strolled away with the crown of most popular this week. This West Texas property looks like a classic old red barn on the outside, but the interiors are like new. The rustic staircase is a highlight, as is the fact the builders were able to squeeze three bedrooms out of the old building. We’re ready to bet big on the future of barndominiums!

Kemp, TX

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