Another massive 6.0 earthquake shook Puerto Rico, and the island hasn't recovered from the last major earthquake less than a week ago (Kat Tenbarge)
Two firemen survey a collapsed building after an earthquake hit the island in Guanica, Puerto Rico on January 7, 2020. - A strong earthquake struck south of Puerto Rico early January 7, 2020 followed by major aftershocks, the US Geological Survey said, the latest in a series of tremors that have shaken the island since December 28.

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  • Another massive 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck Puerto Rico early Saturday as the island continued to struggle with the damage from ongoing earthquakes.
  • On Tuesday, Puerto Rico experienced the largest earthquake in a century when a 6.4-magnitude earthquake killed one person, injured 9 others, and knocked out power across the island.
  • The Associated Press reports that the Saturday 6.0 earthquake caused further damage to Puerto Rico's southern coast, but that no injuries were initially reported.
  • Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans are without water or electricity and thousands are sleeping in shelters or on the streets due to fear and extensive damage to homes.
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Another devastating earthquake has struck Puerto Rico, where hundreds of thousands are still recovering from the largest earthquake in a century that shook the island on Tuesday.

A preliminary 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit early Saturday, damaging the southern coast, the Associated Press reports. The epicenter of the quake was offshore, and early reports indicate the shaking was felt across the island.

Puerto Rico's Electric Power Authority told the AP that power outages were reported across much of the southern region of the island, while hundreds of thousands are still without running water and electricity.

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Tuesday's 6.4-magnitude earthquake killed one person, injured 9, and knocked out power across the island. Nearly 2,000 Puerto Ricans are sleeping in shelters or on the streets, fearful to return to their homes or unable to due to extensive damage. No injuries from Saturday's earthquake have been reported yet, according to the AP.

The larger earthquakes join an ongoing threat to Puerto Ricans of smaller quakes across the island. According to EarthquakeTrack, the island has experienced more than 40 earthquakes with a 1.5-magnitude or greater in the past 24 hours, and more than 500 in the past week.

After Tuesday's earthquake, President Donald Trump declared an emergency in Puerto Rico, and the island's Gov. Wanda Vásquez activated the National Guard. In the southwest coastal town of Guánica, which was hit hardest by the 6.4-magnitude earthquake, more than 200 people had to sleep on the streets after further damage destroyed the gymnasium they had taken shelter in.

The strongest earthquake before that one occurred in 1918, when a 7.3-magnitude earthquake shook the island, causing a tsunami and killing 116 people. 

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