Another Quick Round Of Snow For Colorado

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Video Transcript

LAUREN WHITNEY: To my house. Our satellite and radar is a whole lot calmer than yesterday. There are still a few just little stray showers leaving our Northeastern Plains. Otherwise like we talked about yesterday, we saw a lot of sunshine today. Still very chilly, but we did get that sunshine. So our cold front is now long moved on. There's some moisture in the Midwest, up in the Dakotas and Nebraska and into parts of Kansas. But we are still ushering in that chilly air from the North. So that's still the impact that we're getting from that cold front.

We do stay on the cool side on Wednesday, and there's another area of low pressure that's going to cruise toward Colorado on Wednesday as well. This will bring a chance for some more snow, mainly in the High Country this time, but there will be a chance of a little bit of light snow in Denver. Most likely in the late afternoon to the early evening hours. So let's time out our future cast for tonight. A little bit of cloud cover, more cloud cover will build in the early morning hours. And there will be some snow out there in our central mountains as we head into tomorrow morning.

And then again. It's not much. We'll just see a couple of inches in our High Country areas. And then again, there will be a chance around the Denver area. I'd say not everybody gets in on the action tomorrow, but there will be the possibility of some light snow as we head into the evening hours, and maybe some more rain out on the Eastern Plains. It's still pretty chilly outside, 33 in Denver. At least for this time of year. We're not usually in the low 30s in April. 29 in Cheyenne right now. 36 in Fort Collins. 30s, 40s out East. High Country, 30s to the 40s.

We have 40 from our weather watcher Paul Kaplan in Northwest Gunnison. Our Almanac for today, 33 our high today in Denver, 38 downtown. 15 our low this morning, we were just two degrees off the daily record low of 13 degrees. That's a record I'm OK not breaking. But it was certainly chilly out there. It'll be cool again tomorrow morning, but not quite as bad as this morning. 25 in Denver tonight, 22 in Fort Collins and Boulder. Low 20s out East. Lots of teens, 20s in the High Country.

And tomorrow, we warm up a bit. 40 in Denver. We're still well below normal. 41 in Fort Collins and Boulder. 40s, 50s out East. 40s, 50s in the High Country. We are much warmer by Thursday. Still have a chance of rain Thursday and Friday. And then we are a whole lot warmer on Saturday and Sunday.

- Oh that looks fantastic, Lauren. Thanks so much. And we'll be right back.