Another Round Of Heavy Snow And Cold

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LAUREN WHITNEY: Yes, it is really dumping in some areas, especially in the northern part of the state, all the way out towards Nebraska. It's snowing hard in Cheyenne as well. Denver, we're just getting in on the action. So although it's starting to snow fairly hard in some areas, we still have a ways to go before that fully settles in for us.

So we talked about this just a moment ago. We had this cold front barrel through Colorado today. We actually had some sunshine and mild conditions this morning. Then that cold front pushed its way through, brought us the fog, brought us the cold. And of course, now it's bringing us the snow. So we're going to continue to see snow tonight. That cold front will leave us tomorrow-- or it's already gone, I should say. But then we have another unsettled weather pattern setting up, with this area of low pressure that's going to head our way on Wednesday.

And Wednesday, it's over parts of Nevada, and then it keeps us on the unsettled side, possibly even through Friday. So we have two weeks of fairly unsettled weather. We get a lot of emails and people on social media saying, well, it's April. It's our second-snowiest month of the year. We know that. But in between, we usually get some nice days. This has just been almost two solid weeks of cold and dreary-like weather. So we need some sunshine around here, right?

So Futurecast for tonight. By 7:00, we should be fully settled in. By midnight, a lot of this shifts to the south and to the east. And this is going to be out of here very quickly. By 7:00 AM tomorrow, we should be almost wrapped up with this for northern Colorado. Northern Colorado, you actually may have some sunshine at this point tomorrow. Snow will be down to the south.

And then we'll see a little bit sunshine, a little bit of cloud cover, with more cloud cover in the late afternoon and evening. Maybe just a little bit of snow lingers on in parts of the state. But for the most part, again, this will be done for the morning commute. That doesn't mean it's not going to be icy and foggy. And of course, that snow will be on the ground. And maybe there's more branches down because, again, this is that wet, heavy spring snowfall.

So for our southern foothills, we have a winter storm warning in place for five to eight inches of snow. But once you head up towards Larimer County, you're looking at about six to 14 inches of snow. So there's a lot coming our way. And then for the Denver area and I-25 corridor, we're looking at about three to six inches of snow. Front Range mountains, once you head up into the High Country, about six to 12 inches of snow possible. And this expires at 3:00 AM on Tuesday, so again, the bulk of this will be coming in from tonight through the overnight hours. And then out on the Eastern Plains, could see about two to five inches of snow.

Now, the western side of the state, the wind is wicked right now. Also for parts of the southeast. So we do have a red flag warning in place for Moffitt County down toward Durango, through 9:00 tonight. And temperatures, you can really see the impacts of that cold front. Really, that diagonal in the state right now. Because it's 26 in Denver, 28 in Greeley and Akron. But once you head up towards Aspen, it's 50. So they're almost double than what we are here in Denver. And a nice 68 over in Grand Junction.

We have 24 from our weather watcher Jim Bruce in Rist Canyon in Larimer County. 42, our high today in Denver. Notice, that came just about 6:00 this morning. 44 downtown. Our low temperature is probably going to change a couple of times still tonight, as our temperature will drop before midnight. And temperatures tonight, check this out. Tomorrow morning, 17 in Denver, 15 in Fort Collins and Greeley. Teens out east, teens to the 20s in the High Country. So it's cold, it's icy out there tomorrow morning.

And looking at our freeze warning. Once again, we have a freeze warning for the Grand Valley. As low as 27 degrees tonight. And tomorrow, only 38 in Denver, 39 in Boulder. 30s, 40s out east. 30s, 40s in the High Country. We're still in the 30s on Wednesday. Chance of some more light snow into the evening hours. A little warmer Thursday and Friday, before we finally get that sunshine in the 60s on Saturday.

- We will so look forward to it, Lauren. Thanks so much. Well, the Avs still in limbo aft--