Another Snow Storm Is On The Way

Watch Dave Aguilera's Forecast For The Next Chance Of Snow

Video Transcript

- Here's Dave Aguilar. Dave, I'm reminded how much snow we got because I'm still seeing some really big piles.

DAVE AGUILERA: Yeah, they're still out there, but they're getting smaller and smaller by the minute out there. This is what the big snow melt looks like out there. Look at that sunshine. We've got just a few puffy clouds over the mountains going on right now.

We made it to 62 degrees downtown. We're melting a lot of snow here. DIA though, with that snow cover out there a little cooler, only 48 for their high temperature today, 26 and 32 were the morning lows here.

If you look here, you can see where the the bigger snows are. You could see up north here in the blue, 40s and 50s here. Then you get over to the south metro area, 60 in Castle Rock right now. It's 54 in Lakewood, 55 in Littleton. So temperatures just all over the place, even Evergreen coming in at 53 right now.

A lot of sunshine all over the place. Just a few little clouds popping in some of the mountains. Fair-weather cumulus clouds up there, and that is it. The bigger weather changer, another one, is off the coast of California. There's our next snowstorm, the cold front already moving into Boise here. That will be moving in our direction.

So right now we've got this warming ridge of high pressure out here, giving us a southwesterly wind. Tomorrow, the ridge is over the Oklahoma panhandle. Our flow between these systems is from the southwest. It'll be a little windy to breezy tomorrow because the pressure gradient between this low and that high will kick that up.

But for us, a southwesterly wind will really boost our temperatures. And then Sunday the cold front comes through. Our temperatures will be cooler.

And then watch what happens. That's at 5:00 PM on Sunday afternoon. Snow ramps up during the day in the mountains, but for us we have to wait for that low to get down here into Kansas and then that's when our upslope starts.

It'll be Sunday night into Monday that we get a little action from that system. It's moving quicker. So it'll be out of here by the time we get to late Monday morning the way things look.

So here's how it plays out. Tomorrow may be partly cloudy skies here. We might get a little mountain wave cloud even going with the westerly winds around here. And then Sunday the snow ramps up in the mountains, and then for us by Sunday afternoon a little rain-snow mix here in the front range. And I think after 5 o'clock most of that turns over to snow, and it accumulates during the night Sunday night into Monday morning.

Here's our best guesstimate on one of the models. It seems to have a pretty good handle on what we might see around here. It looks like by Monday morning about three to six inches of snow around the Denver metro area.

Some of these areas up in the mountains from the higher foothills, Nederland, Black Hawk, all the way up to outside of Winter Park, Berthoud Pass, might get close to maybe 6 to 12 inches of snow up there. Will be good for skiing for some of those folks up there.

Low temps tonight will be mild, 30s and 20s across the state. Tomorrow, whoo, look at this. Yellow is warm and we're going to be 60s to mid to upper 70s in the yellow and orange shaded areas across eastern Colorado. Even the mountains in the west will be in the 50s and 60s.

So mostly clear tonight, light breeze blowing. We do have poor air quality going on. But temperatures will be in the 60s tomorrow with that breeze and partly cloudy skies.

Rest of the forecast cooler on Sunday at 45, the late rain to snow mix here. We stay in the 40s all the way through the middle of next week, and even Tuesday and Wednesday we have a chance here and there of a little light rain mixed with snow or some flurries here and there as well. So I would say, to put it simply, enjoy tomorrow, man. It is gonna be great.

- All right. Thank you, Dave. Well, new tonight the Denver Rescue Mission