'Another student is gone': 15-year-old shot and killed in Chicago near his high school

'Another student is gone': 15-year-old shot and killed in Chicago near his high school
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A Chicago teenager was shot and killed Tuesday just two blocks from his high school, authorities said.

Jamari Williams, 15, was shot at roughly 2:40 p.m. after a person in a black car pulled up outside of a business, opened fire, and hit Williams in the chest, police said.

"We heard the sound and saw people running," said a GameStop employee near the shooting. "Kids were leaving school, and then it happened."


Williams was brought to the University of Chicago Medical Center and pronounced dead upon arrival, according to a report.

The Simeon High School student, whose father's death was related to gun violence, showed promise on the football field, according to the Rev. Donovan Price.

He hoped to take "his mother out of the hood with football," Price said.

Williams was shot outside of a popular area for Simeon High School students, said Aie'rianna Williams, another student at the school.

"I've lost multiple classmates every year, and it's just heartbreaking," she said. "There's been only four weeks in school, and another student is gone. It's like, when is it going to stop? Because we all know, when I graduate, it's not going to stop."

Chicago's youth are dying, she added.

"Some of us haven't even hit 18 yet, and we have to lose so many people — some that we don't know and some that we do," she said. "It's sad. It's messed up."

Williams's death is the second in the city's new school year, according to the Chicago Teachers Union.

"Our collective heart goes out to this student's family and friends, as well as the Simeon school community, after another unspeakable tragedy impacting children in our city," the union said in a statement.

Price echoed the union's sentiment and said the cost of losing so many young lives is heavy to bear.


"Unfortunately, because of gun violence, we're losing children, we're losing dreams, we're losing a lot," he said.

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