Another viral Packers moment is coming to ‘Jeopardy!’ this week

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Zach Kruse
·2 min read
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The second week of MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers hosting “Jeopardy!” will include another potentially viral moment featuring the Green Bay Packers.

Last week, a contestant used Final Jeopardy to take a jab at the Packers’ decision to kick a field goal late in the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship Game.

Expect another playful joke at the Packers’ expense at some point over the next five episodes.

“Fun moment in the second week. I can’t give it away, but it’s Packer-related. And Aaron’s exasperated,” executive producer Mike Richards told Peter King of NBC Sports.

Describing Rodgers as “exasperated” – or intensely irritated or frustrated, according to Oxford Languages – means the zinger was probably a well-placed and well-devised one.

Rodgers handled the first playful jab well, smiling for several seconds before responding with a joke of his own.

Richards provided no other details on the jab coming this week. It’s possible it could have something to do with Jordan Love or the Packers’ ongoing failures in the NFC title game.

Rodgers filmed 10 episodes as the guest host in February. The first five episodes aired last week and were well-received.

The Packers quarterback has said he wants to be the full-time host and successor to Alex Trebek, who passed away last November. And he wants to do it while continuing to play in the NFL.

Richards didn’t reveal anything about the future of the hosting gig, but he did endorse the work Rodgers completed as the guest host: “…his second career could be better than his first.”

High praise. The intrigue builds. Tune in this week to see the final half of Rodgers’ episodes and what should be a funny – or infuriating – moment for Packers fans.


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