Another Warm Day Before A Wet Holiday Weekend

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- Just terrific.

LAUREN WHITNEY: Yes, they are. [? Independents ?] [? pass ?] a little sketchy sometimes in some areas.

But down to the southern part of the state, we have a little bit of rain right now, some much needed rain in that part of the state. But you'll notice to the North, we are fairly dry right now. It's actually a beautiful day, and this rain down in Southern Colorado is beautiful as well because it's really not good with our drought for many parts of Southern Colorado. So nice to see that. It's not very widespread, but we'll take what we can get.

Still have some severe weather in Oklahoma all the way up towards St. Louis, and a lot of rain. Check all that out in Wisconsin and Michigan right now.

Most of the West is fairly dry. We have high pressure that built back in, warmed us up a little bit today as well. And that high pressure sticks with us on Friday, sinks down just a bit as we head into Friday afternoon. And by Saturday, it's in New Mexico. And we will see a few scattered thunderstorms on Saturday. But by the time we head into Sunday and Monday unfortunately, we know we need more wet weather in Colorado, but it's nice to have a sunny holiday weekend, not all of us are going to get that this Memorial Day. Sunday and Monday, a very good chance for rain and some isolated thunderstorms. So that's what we have to deal with.

So Future cast for tonight, that rain that is left will continue on for a little while longer. But by tomorrow morning, we are waking up to sunshine. It's a beautiful start to the day, and then we may see a few isolated thunderstorms, mainly in southeastern Colorado. A couple of pops possible across the front range and into Northern Colorado as well. So again, you notice not super widespread that will start to happen and get a bit more on Saturday. And we can see a lot of liquid from some of those storms heading our way. And unfortunately, it's not heading to Western Colorado.

These are liquid totals for the year so far. Just about 3 and 3/4 of an inch for Rangely and Durango, just 2 inches for Grand Junction, and about that for Rifle, just under that for Montrose. It's a totally different picture for Eastern Colorado. Over a foot of rain for Fort Collins and Boulder, almost 10 inches in Denver, over 10 inches in Burlington and Sterling. So we have seen a lot for the Northeastern part of the state, and that's part of the reason our drought has eradicated right now, and same for Southern Colorado, we've now seen a huge chunk of that go away. So you can tell by those liquid totals, it's kind of, it's really a tale of two sides of the state because once you head up to the West, so dry or extreme and exceptional drought does continue and it's gotten just a touch worse in some areas. So it's not good to see, and it may take into getting into monsoon season when we see that seasonal shift a bit more to get more moisture on up to the West.

71 in Denver right now. 76 in Greeley. 70s, 80s, out East. 70s, 80s for the Western slope. 60s, 70s in the high country. And we have 78 from our Weather Watcher Tom in Centennial.

Checking in with our Almanac today. 73, our high in Denver. 75, downtown, 76 is our normal. So below normal on the calendar, but not too far off.

And temperatures tonight, upper 40s for the Front Range and Foothills, low 40s for the Eastern plains, high country, plenty of 30s and we see the 30s to the 50s off to our West. And then on Friday, 82 in Denver, 83 in Greeley. So we warm up just a little bit before be really cool off for the holiday weekend. 70s in the Eastern plains. 70s, 80s in the mountains, and then 80s off to the West, almost 90 in Grand Junction.

And looking at a five day forecast, we drop down to 70 on Saturday. Sunday, down to 60 degrees and we stay there on Monday. Jim, there may be places on Monday that have a hard time getting into the 60s, but I would definitely be very weather aware on Sunday as it may be a bit of a washout.

- All right, still a holiday