Here’s another way you can experience Android L’s beautiful new design right now

Why Google needs Android L’s awesome Material Design

Although Android L is still months away from officially launching, some clever Android developers have taken bits and pieces of code from the developer preview of the new platform and have been modifying them for release as either standalone apps or launchers. For instance, we’ve already seen standalone apps released for Android L’s great new notification center and for its newly revamped keyboard.

Now Droid Life brings us word that a third-party launcher has just put out a beta for a new update that will bring some parts of Android L’s beautiful design makeover to your phone months before you’ll get it with the official Android L release. The popular Nova Launcher’s newest beta update will include several key Android L features, including the Android L folder preview, the Android L app drawer icon and some Android L app animations.

Downloading this beta isn’t as simple as installing an app from the Google Play store, however. Droid Life says you’ll have to “be opted in through Google+ and Google Play” before you’ll get access to the update. You also have the option of bypassing all this and sideloading the update by downloading the full APK file.

So to recap: You can either click here to join Nova Launcher’s Google+ community or you can click here to download the APK file and sideload it yourself.

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