Another Winter Storm With Snow And Ice Bearing Down On North Texas

The Metroplex will have a wide range of snow amounts ranging from 1" in the southern edge to 4" in the northern edge.

Video Transcript

- Because, unfortunately, we're kind of adding insult to injury here. Another round of winter weather on the way. Let's get out to Chief Meteorologist Scott Padgett with everything you need to know.

SCOTT PADGETT: And Brooke, we do have the cloudy skies again after we had the sunshine yesterday. And as we take a look at what's happening for us at DFW, there's cloud cover off the distance of downtown Dallas. 17 degrees, the current temperature right now at DFW with a lot of cloud cover.

Thankfully, not as too strong of a wind. And it feels like temperature is above 0, 9 degrees. So that definitely is helping us out. As we take a look, though, we are just hours away from another winter storm warning, starting for-- starts at 6 o'clock today, goes until 6 o'clock in the morning on Thursday.

And as you look at the radar, right now, you're able to see that we do have some snow. But now, moving back into North Texas, up near our Red River County. Remember, this darker blue color does indicate where we have some heavier snow. We have our live shot right now from our mobile 11 unit. This is in Wise County. And there's the snow falling.

So ground truth to what we are seeing on the radar. We are going to see more snow developing and falling in parts of North Texas. And on top of that, ice accumulations. We'll have more of that in a second.

But some good news is, is that we are past the brutal cold here in North Texas. We are slowly warming up. Let's bring in Meteorologist Jeff Ray to talk about this historic cold that we've seen here in North Texas.

JEFF RAY: You know, Scott, there's cold and then there's dangerous cold. And that's where it was this morning-- a generational event as far as the low this morning of minus 2. Remember, we had the snow around. We had the winds dying out just in the last few hours as we started the morning. And just after the sun up, get that little bit of evaporational cooling-- boom-- minus 1. A new record low shattered the old one set at 12 degrees in 1903.

And, of course, in the list that you're looking at, that is the coldest in 72 years. It's now tied for the second coldest night-- coldest temperature ever recorded at DFW. Scott, when we came in this morning, I think we talked about this for 30 minutes. We just couldn't get over it.

SCOTT PADGETT: It is really impressive. And the coldest it's ever been here was back in 1899. So we're past the coldest air that we've seen here in quite some time. But we're not past this next winter storm. Looking at the radar right now, you are able to see these heavier snow bands starting to make their way back into parts of North Texas.

We will see the snow first and then the ice developing as we go into the overnight hours. Let me walk you through this on the future cast. And I know. It's not what we want. We would love a sunny day. And we would love temperatures back into the '50s and '60s-- not happening.

So the cold air is in place. The Futurecast shows we're going to see that snow continue to make its way north sides of the Metroplex now to about 8 o'clock, filling in just a little bit more-- 8, 9 to 10 o'clock. And then and we see more of the energy coming from the South.

So into the overnight hours seeing more snow moving in. And then you notice this pink color down towards our South. That is where we have some warm air being pulled in from the Gulf of Mexico. It gets into the upper levels. So we have kind of a warm nose of air a little higher up from the surface. That allows the sleet and the freezing rain to develop.

But here we are going into now 4:00 to 5:00 in the morning. More snow falling here, pretty much the I-20 Corridor North. But 35 and then East of 35 and South of I-20, we see the sleet and the freezing rain accumulating and continue to accumulate by sunrise tomorrow morning, 8 or 9 o'clock still making its way off towards the East a bit more.

We might see some light snow off and on through the day tomorrow. So by the time we go into tomorrow late afternoon into the evening hours, the cloud cover is still around, but a lot of the precipitation has made its way off to the East.

Here's my breakdown of snow accumulations. So overnight tonight and then into tomorrow. So here we are about I-20 and South of that traced to maybe up to an inch of snow accumulation. Now, through the Metroplex, another 1 inches to 4 inches of snow accumulation possible.

Along the Red River Counties, 4 to 6 inches of snow accumulation and then just up to near Paris and then stretching up in Oklahoma, another 6 to 8 inches of snow accumulation. What is different with this storm is the ice. Now in parts of the Metroplex, maybe a trace to a small glazing of ice.

But the further Southeast you go and, again, east of 35 and south of 20, possibly a tenth to a quarter of an inch of ice. But really, we're going to be dealing with some problems again. Corsicana, Palestine, the Henderson-Anderson County area-- a quarter of inch to maybe a 1/2 of inch of ice.

That will bring down tree limbs. That will possibly also bring down power lines. So a bad situation developing again overnight tonight into tomorrow. But then towards the end of the week, we're at 35 degrees Friday, Saturday, 48. Partly cloudy on Sunday and 60 degrees. And Brooke, looking ahead into next week, that sunshine still sticks around. We'll see temperatures holding in the mid-60s by Tuesday.

- Just got to get through the next few days. Scott, thank you. And throughout the night, the CBS 11 weather experts, they're going to keep you up to speed on the changing weather conditions through our 24-hour digital channel, CBSN DFW.

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