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Another Woman Accuses Gov. Cuomo Of Sexual Harassment, Alleges He Kissed Her Without Consent In 2017

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing new sexual harassment allegations, this time from a woman who claims the governor kissed her without her consent.

Video Transcript

SHERRY VILL: Down over me and kissed my cheek.

- Now at 4:30, another woman has come forward, accusing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of inappropriate sexual conduct. The woman from upstate New York says she has photos as proof it happened.

- That woman, Sherry Vill, is using high powered LA attorney Gloria Allred to help tell her story. KCAL 9's Jasmine Viel joins us now live with more. Jas?

JASMINE VIEL: So Juan, 55-year-old Sherry Vill is the 10th woman to come forward and accuse Governor Cuomo of sexual misconduct. She says it happened three years ago when the governor toured her neighborhood to assess flood damage.

SHERRY VILL: I came home from work to see all the commotion going on.

JASMINE VIEL: Sherry Vill thought help was finally on the way when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo paid a visit to her flood damaged home in Greece, New York back in 2017. What she didn't expect was what she says happened next.

SHERRY VILL: He laid down over me and kissed my cheek. I was holding my small dog in my arms, and I thought he was going to pet my dog, but instead he wedged his face between the dog and mine, and kissed me on the other cheek in what I felt was highly sexual manner.

JASMINE VIEL: Vill's attorney Gloria Allred showed photos of what they say was that encounter with the governor. Allred explained why Vill was afraid to come forward before today.

GLORIA ALLRED: They feared that if she made what happened to her public, that the governor might use his power to retaliate against her.

JASMINE VIEL: Vill, a wife, mother, and grandmother, says she also felt uncomfortable when the governor told her she was beautiful as he was leaving her house. Before he left, he found her again.

SHERRY VILL: He took my hand and said, is there anything else you want? I didn't know how to respond. He then laid down on top of me, and while still holding one of my hands, he forcibly grabbed my face with his other big hand and kissed my cheek.

JASMINE VIEL: It didn't stop there. Vill says within days, she got a call from the governor's staff, asking just her to attend an event, followed by this letter, again, addressed only to her. Vill says as a business woman, she deals with many male clients.

SHERRY VILL: I know the difference between an innocent gesture and a sexual one. I never felt as uncomfortable as I did the day that Governor Cuomo came to my home.

JASMINE VIEL: Now, Allred says Vill isn't calling on Cuomo to resign as of now. She says she wants a full investigation by the New York attorney general's office first. Now in response to previous allegations, the governor has maintained his innocence, saying he will not resign. Susie?

- All right, Jasmine. Thank you.