Anovion announces partnership with American Battery Factory

Nov. 4—A synthetic graphite manufacturer with a presence in Niagara County has announced a partnership to supply its materials for batteries.

Anovion, which has a plant on Cory Road in Sanborn, is now partners with American Battery Factory to supply supply graphite anode materials for ABF's lithium-ion phosphate battery cells, manufactured in the United States.

Anovion is the preferred vendor for the materials and will ensure domestic sourcing of this critical battery component. Beyond strengthening the domestic supply chain for LPF battery cells, the two companies aim to foster long-term collaborative efforts

"Utilizing Anovion's innovative synthetic graphite provides us with one more essential ingredient needed to to achieve our mission of establishing a world-class domestic LFP battery cell supply chain," said Paul Charles, President and CEO of ABF. "Anovion's leadership team has a proven track record of manufacturing a high-quality product with excellent performance and consistency. We are pleased to collaborate with a US-based supplier who shares our values and vision for the overall battery market and is equally committed to making energy independence a reality for everyone."

Synthetic graphic is widely used as the active material in lithium-ion battery anodes. The Chicago-based Anovion is North America's first commercially operational supplier of the material and uses proven, reliable, scalable graphitization technology to ensure a product with high crystallinity and low impurities, with a greater focus on mitigating the environmental impacts of the conventional processes used today. Anovion's engineered materials enable ABF's cells to be longer-lasting, more reliable and safer.

Anovion is expanding on existing capacity in Niagara County as well as embarking on an expansion program of 150,000 tons of finished product by 2030 in North America, initially with a large-scale production plant at 35,000 tons per annum capacity.

In October, Anovion received a $117 million grant under the Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act meant to spur domestic manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles, the electric grid, and of materials and components currently produced in other countries.

"We have great confident in American Battery Factory's blueprint for bringing lithium battery cell production to North America," said Eric Stop, CEO of Anovion. "Supplying synthetic graphic to ABF furthers our mission of growing a resilient, secure and sustainable North American lithium-ion battery supply chain, which directly impacts several strategic imperatives, including national security interests, robust economic growth and environmental stewardship."

The Utah-based ABF is preparing for developing the first network of safe LFP cell gigafactories in the United States. The company is dedicated to making energy independence and renewable energy a reality for the United States by creating a domestic battery supply chain.