Answers to common COVID-19 vaccine questions

Even with the winter storm, the Texas Department of State Health Services said providers have administered a total of 4.5 million doses of vaccine.

Video Transcript

- Covid-19 vaccines are here but aren't being administered as fast as they should. In fact, less than half of the vaccines sent to the state of Texas have been administered. So with demand so high, why the delay? ABC 13s Miya Shay, getting answers and joins us live. Miya.

MIYA SHAY: Well I think a good bit of news is that here in the greater Houston areas, the vaccines do seem to be moving out very quickly. We have big hospitals, a lot of people excited to get the vaccine. The city's facility right behind me. But the question is, who are they going to?

And tonight a federally-qualified health clinic who serve the needy say it's not going to their patients. As a federally-qualified health clinic. Hope Clinic treats Houston's poor immigrant populations. The CEO told the Texas Health officials, they need COVID vaccines.

ANDREA CARACOSTIS: For our 1B, we asked for 1,000 vaccines--

MIYA SHAY: But Dr. Andrea Caracostis says, out of the 1.5 million vaccines distributed across the state, Texas officials only sent this clinic, that serves the working poor, 100 doses.

ANDREA CARACOSTIS: We want those immunizations. We want them now. Our communities need them, and we're ready to start immunizing people.

MIYA SHAY: In the Houston region, the bulk of the vaccines have gone to large hospital chains like Memorial Hermann, Methodists, even M.D. Anderson. The Houston Health Department is the only public health entity in that top level. So if you have a doctor with an elite hospital like Methodist, you're in luck. They're vaccinating all their senior patients.

- We have about 115,000 patients who are over the age of 75 who have touched Houston Methodist over the past three years. So we've sent out 115,000 invitations to those patients.

MIYA SHAY: People without private doctors though, are left calling the City of Houston, or trying every small clinic and pharmacy on the State's list.

But there's no one place, right? They have to call every place.

- Yeah this is unfortunate. There's clearly been a vaccine distribution plan, but there hasn't been a State or NATIONAL vaccination plan.

MIYA SHAY: ABC 13 has repeatedly asked the State Department of Health and Human Services for clarification on the vaccine distribution process. So has Hope Clinic .

ANDREA CARACOSTIS: The State is in lockdown. You know, it's very difficult to get answers from the state calls.

MIYA SHAY: We'll keep you updated when more vaccines come this way, and when your questions are answered by the State. In Houston, Miya Shaye, ABC 13, Eyewitness News.