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Anthropologie's Epic Home Sale Lets You Double Up on Discounts This Weekend

Anthropologie's already the place you go when you want to wander the aisles, imagining a life where you wake up with naturally beachy waves (no matter how far you are from the ocean), your cabinets are full of chic-yet-whimsical plates (perfect for all of those cocktail parties you're going to host, right?!), and your sheets are perfectly rumpled, not wrinkled (and certainly not covered in cat hair and bits of that Hot Pocket you had for dinner last night). Well, now you can get one step closer to living that life for real. For just this weekend, Anthro's hosting an epic sale, offering an extra 50 percent off home items and another 20 percent off select furniture on top of that. You won't see the full discount until you add to cart, but it's so, so strangely satisfying to witness.

All sales are final, so you have to be sure of your purchases before you add to cart, and that's where we come in: The finds below won't leave you with buyer's remorse. Pinky promise.