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Can anti-Brexit UK lawmakers stop "no deal"?

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How do you stop a no-deal Brexit?

There are only two main options: change the law, or change the government.

Boris Johnson, the Brexiteering new premier, is dead-set on sticking to Britain's leave date - the end of October.

But a narrow majority of lawmakers want to stop him in his tracks- setting up a historic showdown.

So first they could change the law.

They'll need to find a way to hijack the parliamentary agenda to get past ministers' control over it.

And they'll need help from this man- speaker John Bercow, who's supported the idea in the past.

The opposition Labour Party plans to try this in an emergency debate next week - but it's an untested method.

They'd then try to pass a law forcing Johnson to ask Brussels to delay Brexit.

Quite a few rebels would have to join them from his Conservative party. That's likely, but numbers could be tight.

The House of Lords could be another stumbling block, if euroskeptic members try to filibuster.

Because one thing no one's got much of is time.

So what about changing the government?

Under this scenario Johnson's government collapses after a no-confidence vote.

Which leads to an election.

Anti-Brexit lawmakers would hope to bring in a new one with a strategy to delay or cancel Brexit.

Their problem is - Johnson gets to set the election date.

And his aides say he'd delay till after October 31st...after Britain's left.

There's a way round that- but it's again untested and hard to predict.

After a no-confidence vote, there's a two-week window for forming a new government.

An anti-Brexit majority could cobble one together and try to extend Britain's EU membership.

But they so far can't agree on an alternative leader to rally round.

And Johnson might just refuse to resign and stick around.

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