Anti-Occupy protesters gather at HK government celebration

A man holds up a Chinese national flag as he sings the national anthem at an event to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of Communist China at Victoria park in Hong Kong on October 1, 2014 (AFP Photo/Dale de la Rey)

Hong Kong (AFP) - Around 200 supporters of the Hong Kong government gathered at an official celebration of China's National Day Wednesday, vastly outnumbered by thousands of pro-democracy protesters filling the city's streets elsewhere.

The sparsely attended afternoon event in Victoria Park was organised by Hong Kong's home affairs department and included stands promoting China's achievements, as well as musical and martial arts performances.

Groups of protesters opposed to the pro-democracy demonstrations shouted "Hong Kong is my home, don't ruin it. Love the motherland!"

Others chanted "Return my right to use the roads" after major thoroughfares were blocked by protesters.

Those at the event accused protesters of endangering Hong Kong.

"A lot of those people are not very patriotic and are easily swayed by others," said Man Ka-keung, 56, who was carrying a large Chinese flag and wearing a shirt with the flag printed on it.

"If you ruin people's livelihoods because of democracy, then this type of democracy is useless."

Some sang the Chinese national anthem while standing next to more than a dozen fluttering Chinese flags.

Most in the pro-establishment crowd were much older than the young students filling the streets nearby.