Antioch businesses, pedestrians feel impact of winter storm

ANTIOCH, Tenn. (WKRN) — Antioch was eerily quiet Tuesday following several inches of snowfall and bitterly cold temperatures.

The snow and ice on the roadway not only caused problems for some drivers on the streets but also for some pedestrians attempting to walk from business to business searching for food or something to do.

Taorious Drew, who was walking around Antioch Tuesday, was forced to walk in the street because the sidewalks were blocked with snow from people clearing the roadways.

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“It kind of feels unsafe because I’ve seen everybody fishtailing and sliding and doing all that yesterday, so it was kind of spooky,” Drew said. “I know it’s going to be like that for a few days on that sidewalk. That brown snow is nasty.”

Drew told News 2 that he and a group of others were having a hard time finding open businesses.

“You really don’t know who is open. Just come out here on a wing and a prayer,” Drew said. “It’s a little tiring, but hopefully they got what I need up in here.”

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The few businesses that did brave the cold and opened their doors weren’t sure how many customers to expect.

“We were closed yesterday, so we’re trying to open today because a lot of people don’t have a place to eat so at least we’re here, open today; and we will see if people at least come for to-go orders or dine in here at the restaurant,” said Lourdes Chavez, owner and general manager of Casa Fiesta.

Chavez told News 2 she had to drive some of her employees to work Tuesday morning because their neighborhoods weren’t plowed. A crew spent more than four hours clearing Casa Fiesta’s parking lot to prepare for customers.

At Top Chop Barbershop, shop manager, Mac anticipated having some clients despite the poor road conditions.

“Most of the barbers are self-employed, so it’s a lot for us to try to manage those days because we’re basically open 365, so a day off hurts our bottom line for that week,” Mac said.

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However, Mac is confident a lot of clients who stayed home due to the weather will come get haircuts over the weekend.

“In this business, because of the slow days, we will definitely make it up on the weekend before school starts back up,” Mac said.

Some businesses told News 2 they plan to take things day-by-day when determining their hours of operation.

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