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Can Antonio Brown be a valuable fantasy football asset?

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What role will the former Pro Bowl WR play in Tampa Bay?

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We are back here on season 15 of "FFL." Some news late this week that Antonio Brown is returning to the NFL and reuniting with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. He could see the field as early as week nine according to Adam Schefter. What do you guys make of this moving forward?

Matt, I am particularly interested in your thoughts on this one? Let's also begin with saying I'm curious since you're the receiver's guy where do we expect Antonio Brown to line up? We know the last time we saw him he spent about 30% of his snaps in the slot. What does this mean for Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, and where do you-- where do you see him fitting in?

MATT HARMON: Yeah, it's so ironic that the Bucs ended up signing him after Bruce Arians, you know, basically said in the offseason, you know, no way, not going to happen. He's, you know, a locker room problem. We don't really need that disruption.

Well, football always overturns all of those type of things, you know, when you're talking about off the field issues or whatever. And the Bucs, at this point, they have a ton of injuries in this skill position room. This was supposed to be a strength of the team, but Chris Godwin's had injuries this year.

Mike Evans has played through injuries this year. OJ Howard, we know, was supposed to be a big part of their passing game. He's on IR. So I actually think there's a pretty good amount of room for Antonio Brown to walk in.

I expect him to play the Z position as an outside receiver being that flanker, while Mike Evans stays at X. And I think Chris Godwin will move between the Z and Q wide receiver sets and play inside. We know Bruce Arians loves him in that position.

I actually think there's a decent amount of volume for Antonio Brown to step into because, like, we've seen Tom Brady try to make it work with Scottie Miller, and it's just not there. I think Brown will obviously be a theoretical upgrade on those targets. But look, I can remember sitting here a year and a half ago and talking about, wow, he's going to go crazy with the Patriots. Or he's going to go crazy with the Raiders or all this stuff.

Like, we'll see. But we'll see if Antonio Brown can actually make it onto game day and can string a couple of games together if he can stay out of his own way or his own problems off the field will continue to haunt him. I think this is just the ultimate, like, we'll see what happens play. And I'm not going to be the guy who's going to tell you like, a strong take one way or another on him.

LIZ LOZA: Well, I think one thing is for sure. And that is what Tom Brady wants, Tom Brady gets. And interestingly, like moments after this news dropped, less than an hour, Antonio Brown had been added to 70% of Yahoo Leagues. So he was on Friday rostered in over 70% of Yahoo Leagues, so people are excited for it. I have a feeling, though, Matt is right. We're going to talk about Antonio Brown a lot. So lets--