Where's Israel? Scholastic recalls kids' books that omit the country on map

A children's book that omitted Israel from an illustrated map has raised the ire of readers and prompted the publisher to issue an apology.

"Thea Stilton and the Blue Scarab Hunt" is part of a series and tells the story of a group of treasure hunting mouse-journalists seeking fortune in the Middle East. The book contains a map of Egypt and its surrounding countries. However, Israel is missing, an error that was noticed on Twitter.

The mistake was also noted in negative reviews on amazon.com.

A commenter with the username Edgar wrote, "I wouldn't buy this, as others have pointed out, it erased Israel from the map in it. Why didn't editors see this? Is this political? Are childrens' books getting this political? Imagine being from Israel and reading this to your child and you are trying to show where you lived and find it erased. It actually has happened."

The Times of Israel spoke with Adina Golombek, who moved to Israel last year. She told the paper, "I wanted to show my son where we lived in the Middle East, but it didn’t say Israel on the map; instead it said Jordan.”

The publisher released a statement explaining the error:

As you have probably heard, Thea Stilton and the Blue Scarab Hunt, a title in the Geronimo Stilton series, published by Scholastic, includes a map that inadvertently omits Israel. Scholastic is immediately stopping shipment on this title, revising the map, and going back to reprint. We regret the omission which was in the original version of the book published in Italy and was translated by our company for English language distribution.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Scholastic has ceased shipments of the book and it will be reprinted. It's the 11th in the series and was originally published in 2012. There are 16 books in total.