AOC blames big city gun violence on lax laws in red states

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says lax gun laws in the southern states of the “Iron Pipeline” that run along the I-95 corridor of the East Coat are the cause of gun violence in New York.

“Let’s talk facts. Seventy percent of illegally trafficked guns in NYC come from [red states with few gun restrictions],” she said. “We’re losing children due to lawlessness unleashed by red states.”

The New York progressive Democrat hit back hard at the Republican talking point that the real gun violence problem is in blue cities like New York and Chicago.

“This is not normal,” Ocasio-Cortez said Wednesday. “This is about blood money.”

Ocasio-Cortez was one of a string of Democratic lawmakers to speak out in favor of stricter gun laws at a congressional hearing on Capitol Hill.

Echoing colleagues, she called for raising the age to buy assault weapons and banning high-capacity ammunition magazines, measures that are certain to fail in the Senate where Republicans hold effective veto power.

AOC even admonished her colleagues for spending billions on weapons of war while failing to prevent massacres in schools like the one in Uvalde, Texas that killed 19 children and two teachers.

“For all the billions and trillions that this body authorizes in the name of National Security, we can’t even keep our kids safe from their schools being turned into a war zone.,” she said.