AP declares Biden wins US presidential race

The Associated Press has declared Democrat Joe Biden the winner of the presidential race. Washington Bureau Chief Julie Pace explains how the AP made the call after Biden won his native Pennsylvania. (Nov. 7)

Video Transcript

JULIE PACE: So the AP has just declared that Joe Biden is the winner of the presidential race, becoming the 46th president of the United States. He defeats Donald Trump, who will become a one-term president.

- And how did this happen? What led to the call?

JULIE PACE: Joe Biden reached 270 Electoral College votes after winning Pennsylvania. This is one of those major battleground states we've been talking about for so long during this campaign. This was an extremely tight race, as most of the battleground states were.

But we were able to declare that Biden was the winner in Pennsylvania after we got some additional votes from Philadelphia-- that is a heavily Democratic area. We also, after we made that race call, were able to get some additional Democratic votes from Allegheny County, another big Democratic area of the state. And what we have seen over the last several days is just that margin of Joe Biden's lead has continued to grow. And we're confident, at this point, that it will no longer shrink and give Donald Trump a chance to overtake him.

- Now the Trump campaign has been indicating they're pursuing legal challenges to all this. Where will that go [INAUDIBLE]?

JULIE PACE: The Trump campaign has certainly made no secret of the fact that they are eager to pursue legal challenges. At this point, most of those legal challenges that they have tried to push forward have either been rejected by judges or have had no impact on the outcome of this race.

- And can we expect any further steps towards a transition today?

JULIE PACE: Joe Biden will instantly become the president-elect and begin work on a transition. He has a big job ahead of him, certainly just the nature of the job, in and of itself. But in this moment, the historic pandemic, the economic crisis, and the social unrest in this country, he has already been preparing for that transition. And I think very quickly we will start to get some sense about what the contours of his administration will look like.