AP Exclusive: Neglect damages Marcos' prized shoes


MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Termites, storms and neglect have damaged part of former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos' legendary stash of shoes and other vanity possessions, left after she and her dictator husband were driven to U.S. exile by a 1986 popular revolt.

Officials told The Associated Press on Sunday that hundreds of pieces of clothing of late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, including the formal native see-through Barong shirts he wore during his two-decade rule, have also begun to gather mold and fray after being stored for years without protection at the Malacanang presidential palace and later at Manila's National Museum.

The Marcoses fled the Philippines at the climax of the army-backed "people power" revolt. They left behind staggering amounts of personal belongings at the palace, including at least 1,220 pairs of Imelda Marcos' shoes.