AP Explains: Former Green Beret faces extradition

A U.S. Army Special Forces veteran accused, along with his son, of smuggling former Nissan Motor Co. Chair Carlos Ghosn out of Japan in a box is imploring U.S. officials to block their extradition. (Feb. 1)

Video Transcript

ALANNA DURKING RICHER: Michael Taylor and his son Peter Taylor are accused of working with another man to smuggle Carlos Ghosn out of Japan in a large box on a private jet in December of 2019. They were arrested in May, and Michael and Peter Taylor have both been locked up in a Massachusetts jail since then, while they've been fighting their extradition.

MICHAEL TAYLOR: Just think, how would you fare if you hadn't done anything wrong, and they picked you up and throw you in jail because some foreign prosecutors said so?

ALANNA DURKING RICHER: Carlos Ghosn was the head of the Nissan Motor Company in Japan. And he was out on bail for financial misconduct charges in 2019 when he fled the country. He was charged at the time with underreporting his future income and committing a breach of trust by diverting Nissan money for his personal gain. Michael Taylor is a US Army Special Forces veteran. Before his arrest, he worked as a private security specialist.

And he was hired over the years by parents to rescue abducted children overseas. He also worked as a contractor for the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan. And he actually served a stint in jail after he was charged in 2012 in a federal case stemming from his work as a contractor.

MICHAEL TAYLOR: And now when they volunteer to extradite me and my son to Japan for something like this, yeah, you feel a great sense of betrayal.

ALANNA DURKING RICHER: Back in October was when the State Department agreed to hand them over to Japan. And a judge put a hold on their extradition at the time because the lawyers filed an emergency petition. Last week, the judge rejected that petition and cleared the way for their extradition. But now, the lawyers are appealing to the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston-- the federal appeals court. And their lawyer told me today that they have been assured by the US that the government will not try to surrender them to Japan any time before February 12.