AP Reporter: Pence in an untenable position

Associated Press' Darlene Superville discusses Justice Department asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit led by Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas that seeks to give Vice President Mike Pence the power to overturn the presidential election result. (Jan.1)

Video Transcript

DARLENE SUPERVILLE: Last night the Department of Justice, which is acting on Pence's behalf asked a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit and their basic argument is that the Vice President is not the right person to be sued in this instance, that their lawsuit should be targeted toward Congress and not the Vice President.

There were other reasons that the Justice Department listed for why the lawsuit is without merit, but the main argument the Justice Department made on the Vice President's behalf is that he's the wrong person to be sued in this case. The vice President is finding himself in a very untenable position right now, being pressured from a lot of different sides to do something that he doesn't seem to think he has the power to do.