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Here's the latest for Monday February 8th: Drive to vaccinate Americans against COVID gains speed; Trump lawyers blast impeachment; Myanmar's military government imposes curfews after coup; World's oldest zoo reopens after Austrian coronavirus lockdown.

Video Transcript

TRACY BROWN: This is "AP News Minute." The drive to vaccinate Americans against the coronavirus is gaining speed and newly recorded cases have fallen to their lowest level in three months. More than four million more vaccinations were reported over the weekend, a significantly faster clip than in previous days, according to the CDC. But health authorities worry Americans could pay the price for what they did on Super Bowl Sunday.

Lawyers for Donald Trump are blasting the impeachment case against him as an act of political theater by Democrats. They say it is unconstitutional and must be dismissed. Trump's historic second impeachment trial is set to start Tuesday.

Myanmar's military government has imposed a curfew and bans on gatherings of more than five people in the country's two biggest cities as protests against its coup show no sign of abating.

As Austria eases its coronaviruses restrictions following a third lockdown, the world's oldest zoo reopens to a limited number of visitors. Long lines formed at the Vienna Zoo with many expressing delight at being allowed back.

Tracy Brown, "Associated Press" with "AP News Minute."