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Here's the latest for Friday December 25th: US requires COVID test for people flying from Britain; House Republicans reject Trump's COVID aid demand; Wildfire near San Diego; Coronavirus affects Christmas celebrations.

Video Transcript

ED DONAHUE: This is AP [? NewsMinute. ?] The US will now require people flying from Britain to get a negative COVID test. Other countries have also put travel restrictions on the UK due to a new variant of the coronavirus.

House Republicans rejected President Trump's demand that the COVID relief bill's payment to most Americans be boosted from $600 to $2,000. Unemployment benefits, eviction protections, and other emergency aid are all at risk if the president doesn't sign the bill passed by Congress.

A wildfire on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base in northern San Diego County, California was 35 percent contained by Thursday night. Evacuation orders were lifted as the dry, gusty Santa Ana winds slowed down.

Coronavirus restrictions make Christmas services smaller and more subdued in many places. A small, socially distant group of faithful celebrated Christmas Eve mass at a cathedral in Washington, DC.

Ed Donahue, the Associated Press, with AP [? NewsMinute. ?]