AP Top Stories February 10 A

Here's the latest for Wednesday February 10th: Senate votes that it can hold Trump impeachment trial; Democrats and Republicans begin presentations; House Committee determining how to reopen schools; California opens vaccination site in NFL stadium.

Video Transcript

RITA FOLEY: This is AP News Minute. The Senate voted 56 to 44 that it can hold former President Trump's impeachment trial, even though he left office. Six Republicans joined the Democrats, far short of the number that would be needed for a conviction. On Tuesday, Democrats presented a video of Trump's January 6th speech, along with violent images from the Capitol insurrection. Republicans argue that the president's words were constitutionally protected free speech.

The house Education and Labor Committee is debating how COVID relief funds can help reopen schools. Democrats support federal health recommendations, like buying more protective equipment. Republicans say schools are safe enough to reopen.

Californians can now get coronavirus vaccinations at Levi Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers. Governor Gavin Newsom says community health clinics will also receive and distribute the vaccine. Rita Foley, the Associated Press, with AP News Minute.