AP Top Stories February 16 P

Here's the latest for Feb. 16: Deadly tornado strikes North Carolina; Colombia build inflatable COVID treatment tents; Thin ice a danger in Amsterdam; Cecily Tysaon memorialized in New York.

Video Transcript

LUKE SHERIDAN: This is "AP News Minute." Authorities in North Carolina say at least three people are dead and 10 others were injured after a tornado ripped through Brunswick County. Officials say the tornado hit just after midnight near Grissettown in the Ocean Ridge Plantation Community.

Architects in Columbia have designed inflatable rooms for coronavirus patients that can quickly be set up in gyms or parking lots. The dome-shaped rooms can house two patients each and are connected by inflatable hallways that help circulate air.

People in Amsterdam are being warned not to skate on the city's frozen canals after a spate of incidents where skaters fell through the ice sheets. Video captured on Sunday showed several people tried to make it to the bank of the canal after the thin sheets cracked.

And a private memorial service was held in New York for actress Cicely Tyson. Mourners gathered at Harlem's famed Abyssinian Baptist Church a day after hundreds lined up for a public viewing. Tyson died January 28 at age 96. Luke Sheridan, "The Associated Press," with "AP News Minute."