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Here's the latest for Tuesday February 23rd: Senate to hear testimony on Capitol insurrection; AG-nominee Garland vows to fight extremist violence; Massive COVID vaccination site to open in Houston; Turtles, recovered from cold, released off Texas.

Video Transcript

RITA FOLEY: This is "AP News Minute."

Two Senate committees are set to hear about the massive security failure of January 6th, the day that a violent mob stormed the US Capitol. The former head of the Capitol Police, who resigned right after the attack, is among those expected to testify.

President Biden's attorney general nominee says, if he's confirmed, he'll make the Capitol insurrection his first focus. Merrick Garland vowed to make combating extremist violence a top priority.

A giant COVID vaccination center opens this week at Houston's NRG Park, near the home of the NFL's Houston Texans. An estimated 126,000 people could get their shots there over the next three weeks. The US Coast Guard, volunteers, and wildlife officials released close to 150 sea turtles off the South Texas coast. The record cold temperatures in Texas in the past week left thousands of turtles stunned.

Rita Foley, the Associated Press, with "AP News Minute."