AP Top Stories February 5 A

Here's the latest for Friday February 5th: Trump refuses to testify in impeachment trial; House members tell personal stories about Capitol riot; New Mexico state police officer shot and killed; Number of US coronavirus deaths passes 450,000.

Video Transcript

MIKE HEMP: This is "AP News Minute." Former President Donald Trump said, no to house Democrats who want him to testify in his Senate impeachment trial. Democrats say Trump and his lawyers should explain why they disputed key factual allegations about the incitement of the Capitol riot.

House members gave stunning and personal accounts of what they saw and experienced during the January 6 siege. Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the stories need to be told, especially when some in Congress and the nation say it's time to move on.

A State police officer was shot and killed on a highway in southeastern New Mexico. The suspect later died in a shootout with authorities.

And the number of coronavirus deaths in the United States has now passed 450,000. And the US is still experiencing more than 3,000 deaths a day, despite falling infection rates and vaccines becoming more available. Mike Hemp and the "Associated Press," with "AP News Minute."