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Here's the latest for Wednesday November 4th: Fight for U.S. presidency continues in battleground states; Democrats' Senate drive halted by GOP; House Dems keep control with smaller majority; Dutch flying car granted road legal status in Europe.

Video Transcript

JULIAN STYLES: This is "AP NewsMinute." The fate of the United States presidency hung in the balance Wednesday, as Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, picked up a big win in Wisconsin, while fighting President Donald Trump in other battleground states. Neither candidate cleared the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the White House. And the margins were tight in several other states. Democrats faced increasingly long odds in the battle for Senate control, as Republicans brushed back multiple challengers to protect their majority.

Still, it was too soon for the GOP to declare victory. In Maine, Republican Senator Susan Collins won the hardest-fought race of her career, securing a fifth term by defeating Democrat Sara Gideon. Disappointed Democrats are headed toward extending their control of the House for two more years, but with a smaller majority than they'd expected. So far, they have lost seven incumbents, have failed to oust any Republican lawmakers in initial returns, and stand a chance of having fewer lawmakers in the chamber next year.

A Dutch company, PAL-V, says its flying car has gained road legal status in Europe, one of the first ever to do so. Its makers now say they'll begin deliveries of the 400,000 euro two-seater aircraft from 2022. Julian Styles, Associated Press, with "AP NewsMinute."