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Here's the latest for Saturday October 24th: Murkowski's nod gives Barrett extra boost; Surging coronavirus colors White House race in closing days; Obama criticizes Trump for walking out of interview; 16th century combat sport growing in popularity.

Video Transcript

JULIAN STYLES: This is AP News Minute. Senator Lisa Murkowski has announced that she'll vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett. That gives crucial support for President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee before the conservative judge faces a final vote expected Monday. The Alaska Republican had been a rare holdout on Barrett, decrying that her nomination had proceeded so close to a presidential election.

President Donald Trump assured supporters packed shoulder to shoulder Saturday in North Carolina that we are rounding the turn on the coronavirus and mocked his Democratic Challenger Joe Biden for raising alarms. Biden spoke to a smaller gathering in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and bemoaned the need to campaign at a distance, but said he understood the public health reasons behind it.

Former President Barack Obama says that Donald Trump's decision to abruptly end an interview earlier this week with a 60 Minutes correspondent underscores that Trump isn't up to being president. Speaking at a drive-in rally in Miami on Saturday, Obama said he was perplexed that Trump became ruffled after journalist Leslie Stahl pressed him on a series of issues and got mad and walked out of the interview.

Historic medieval battles are becoming a popular form of sport in Australia's Darling Downs region. With axes and swords, the mix of combat sports with 16th century weapons is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Julian Styles Associated Press, with AP News Minute.