AP: US to announce new long-term security assistance package for Ukraine

The U.S. should announce a $1.2 billion military aid package for Ukraine on May 9, the Associated Press reported, citing U.S. officials. The aid package is designed to meet Ukraine’s long-term security needs, including helping Ukraine protect itself from Russian missile and drone attacks.

“Unlike the U.S. equipment, weapons and ammunition that are more frequently sent to Ukraine from Pentagon stocks — so they can be delivered quickly — this money is to be spent over the coming months or even years to ensure Ukraine’s future security needs,” the Associated Press reported.

The package, provided under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), will include funding for Hawk air defense systems, munitions and drones for air defense.

“It will also buy artillery, rockets, satellite imagery assistance, and funding for ongoing maintenance and spare parts for a variety of systems, according to the officials,” the Associated Press reported.

On May 4, National Security Council Spokesperson John Kirby said that the U.S. is focusing on providing Ukraine with the air defense it needs.

Russia has launched a series of mass drone and missile attacks at Ukraine over the last several days.