Apart from Severodonetsk, Russian army trying to advance in Kharkiv Oblast, says UK intelligence

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Russian troops are trying to advance in the Izyum direction
Russian troops are trying to advance in the Izyum direction

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The intelligence said that Russia's progress on the Izyum axis had remained stalled since April, after Ukrainian forces made good use of the terrain to slow Russia's advance.

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"Russia has likely attempted to reconstitute the EGF after they suffered very heavy casualties in the failed advance on Kyiv, but its units likely remain understrength," the ministry's assessment reads.

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"Russia likely seeks to regain momentum in this area in order to put further pressure on Severodonetsk, and to give it to the option of advancing deeper into Donetsk Oblast."

Ukraine's General Staff early on June 9 reported that the Russian invasion force had carried out offensive and assault operations near the villages of Bohorodychne and Dovhenke in Kharkiv Oblast.

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Fighting there is underway.

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