You Should Make Your Apartment Smell Like the Star Wars Universe with These Candles

Photo credit: Homesick Candles/Lucasfilm LTD.
Photo credit: Homesick Candles/Lucasfilm LTD.
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Part of why we love candles is the moods they evoke—smelling something can totally transport you to a specific place. And now, thanks to Homesick's new collection, you can transport yourself into a galaxy far, far away with their brand-new line of Star Wars candles.

Photo credit: Homesick Candles/Lucasfilm LTD
Photo credit: Homesick Candles/Lucasfilm LTD

The new collection will include candles with scents inspired by different settings from the Star Wars universe. You can make your home smell like the desert planet of Tatooine with a candle that has notes of Juniper, sage bush, and bergamot.

Or go for the fresh wild fern, sandalwood, basil, and pine needle scent that'll remind you of the forested planet of Endor.

You could even go to the dark side with the Death Star candle, which smells like tobacco, leather, and black myrrh.

And for all you Baby Yoda fans out there, the collection also includes a car freshener inspired by the character (technically his name is Grogu, but real ones know he's Baby Yoda). How cute is that?? It'll make your car smell like gardenia with fresh notes of lavender and rosemary.

Not only do these candles smell amazing, but they're also packaged in custom designs that reflect the iconic moments from the locations they represent. How cool is that? Homesick has also announced that the Star Wars candles will be the first ones from the brand to have dual-sided labels that reveal additional artwork as your candle burns. So even after your candle is used up, you'll have a very pretty, reusable jar. We love a sustainable product!

The collection launched on May 4 (because Star Wars Day, duh) and is available now at

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