"Apathetic, discouraged, f***ed up": occupiers from Kherson Oblast dream about getting injured and leaving battlefield


Russian occupiers in Ukraine are dreaming about getting injured so as to escape from the battlefield.

Source: Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

Details: A Russian occupier on the Kherson front is discussing the news about the mobilisation in Russia, and hoping to get injured to use it as an opportunity to return home.

In an intercepted call published by the Chief Intelligence Directorate, the occupier describes his morale in a following way: "apathetic, discouraged, f***ed up".

He predicts that if Russia sends more cannon fodder to the frontline within the framework of the partial mobilisation, its government will not be able to pay soldiers, in particular additional payments for the injuries.

The occupier complains about big losses in his unit: "only 50 people are left out of the regiment".

A woman he is talking to suggests a solution: she supposes that he serves a sentence in prison but at least he will stay alive.

In the end, she says she only relies on God and will go to church. The occupier responds that he will only pray for an injury that will save him from having to fight again.

Quote: "Why would you only bring up God? It is no use. We’ll live and see. I will pray for an injury".

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