APD expanding bike patrols to engage community, tackle crime

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It’s a new way of patrolling the community. The Atlanta Police Department is expanding their bike patrols in a way to reduce crime throughout the city.

They say it’s a new way of protecting and serving on wheels.

“We’re community oriented, going out to meet different citizens and businesses being a visible presence,” said Officer James Cornelius with the Zone 1 Bike Unit.

Cornelius and Officer Sean Hill takes that responsibility seriously -- one pedal at a time.

That’s why they’re a part of the bike patrol unit, in Zone 1 in Atlanta.

“We get out here. We pick a spot and location in the park and we ride,” Hill told Channel 2′s Larry Spruill.

Hill said it’s all about being visible.

“I think it’s very important that they see us every day,” Hill said.


“Being a physical presence. I also live in this community. That plays a big part and a big role in policing in this area,” Cornelius said, adding that it makes a difference.

Spruill got a chance to ride along with the officers on one of their new routes Thursday throughout Zone 1. It’s their way of meeting the people where they are and hopefully help stop crime in the area.

Police Commander Reginald Moorman said it’s working.

“Here in Zone 1, we tackle and address crime from various angles. Of course, we do have our investigations, we have our response, we have our community outreach and a part of our community outreach and engagement is going to be our bicycles,” Moorman said.

Duane Barnes said he grew up in Zone 1. He said he would like to see his neighborhood safer for his family.

“I’ve been here ever since I was a kid. I used to play here as a kid, play basketball as a kid here,” Barnes said.

He just found out about the new bike patrol.

“To decrease crime, for sure, because our kids are here. You want crime to be down,” Barnes said.