'Apex Legends' begins Voidwalker event as 'Fortnite' introduces new map elements

The "Apex Legends" Voidwalker event is themed after popular character Wraith (pictured)

A second themed event has got underway in free-to-play Battle Royale game "Apex Legends," with Voidwalker lasting two weeks, September 3 - 17, and focusing on one of its most popular characters, Wraith.

A limited-time game mode, a temporary map makeover, and exclusive event challenges are visiting console and computer game "Apex Legends" for the next two weeks.

The Voidwalker event runs September 3 -17 and is themed after one of the game's most popular playable characters, nimble skirmisher Wraith, whose special power lets her open portals between one point and another on the "Apex Legends" island of Kings Canyon.

Leading up to the event's release, developer Respawn Entertainment unveiled an eight-minute animated short that has Wraith infiltrating a high-tech compound, before meeting and then rescuing a different version of herself.

Inside the game, and in a temporary alteration to Kings Canyon that's reminiscent of both hit TV series "Stranger Things" and "Apex Legends" rival "Fortnite," players will be able to discover and explore part of an abandoned research facility that links ground and sky through a new portal.

There's also a new limited time mode called Armed and Dangerous, in which players' armories are restricted to sniper rifles and shotguns only, encouraging them to embrace long-distance and close quarters combat.

Rewarding players for staying engaged through the Voidwalker event is the prospect of exclusive costumes or character skins as well as other Wraith-themed content, according to how well they complete a selection of in-game challenges -- racking up wins, precision hits, and so on.

Of course, as a free-to-play game, developer Respawn and publisher Electronic Arts keep the game alive through players' optional purchases; the Voidwalker event incentivizes continued spends with a Wraith Voidwalker costume plus four other character costumes and two weapon decals split into two one-week batches.

With the game now in its second season, Voidwalker is the second themed event held for "Apex Legends," after a Legendary Hunt ran during June, and the third event overall, after August's Iron Crown brought Solos Mode to the otherwise three-person squad multiplayer alongside a collection of optional cosmetic purchases.

Season 2 of "Apex Legends" ends September 30.

Meanwhile, "Fortnite" Season 10 (also known as Season X) began on August 1 and lasts until October 6.

Its map is being gradually updated with new, returning, and remixed features as the season evolves, the most recent update released the same day as Voidwalker.