'We apologize to Ms. Swift' -Live Nation CFO at Congress

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STORY: Ticketmaster has argued that bots used by scalpers were behind the Taylor Swift ticket debacle. Members of the Judiciary Committee pushed back, arguing that many companies from various industries regularly shield bot attacks and blaming bots is irresponsible.

Witness Sal Nuzzo of right-leaning policy think tank The James Madison Institute urged for innovation in the ticketing industry. "The issue isn't the Taylor Swift crash per se. That merely revealed how a lack of competition over time had corroded competition and distorted the market," said Nuzzo.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, who heads the Judiciary Committee's antitrust panel, has said the issues that cropped up in November were not new and potentially stemmed from consolidation in the ticketing industry. Klobuchar and two other lawmakers argued in November that Ticketmaster and owner Live Nation Entertainment should be broken up by the Justice Department if any misconduct is found in an ongoing investigation.