'Flintstone' house prompts lawsuit from angry neighbours

Toyin Owoseje

A town in California has filed a lawsuit against the current owner of the iconic Flintstone House after she added dinosaur statues and a sign reading 'Yabba Dabba Doo' to the property.

The quirky residence, located in the upscale area of Hillsborough, was built in 1976 and was inspired by the American cartoon.

However, not everyone is a fan.

Locals have called it a "public nuisance" and alleged that "landscape modifications to the home were conducted without planning approvals and building permits".

The current owner, Florence Fang, a former publisher of the San Francisco Examiner, reportedly began renovations on the property in 2017. There are now 15-foot dinosaurs, a giraffe, mastodon, and brightly-coloured mushrooms grazing on the lawn.

According to the suit, she was asked multiple times to halt the works, with officials calling it a “highly visible eyesore and are out of keeping with the community standards.”

Assistant City Attorney Mark Hudak told Fox 2: “We don't like it when people build things first, and then come in and demand or ask for permission later. That's not fair to everyone else who goes through the process.”

In a statement to Associated Press, Ms Fang's grandson Sean Fang said the dinosaurs were beautiful, adding: "They make everyone smile and should stay."