Here's How Much It Would Cost to Recreate Kourtney Kardashian's Incredibly Organized Pantry

Ana Calderone

Having an organized pantry is basically in the Kardashian family’s blood. Though Khloé is the true queen, Kourtney’s organization skills are a close second.

The eldest sister recently gave her fans a closer look at her pantry on her new lifestyle site Poosh, and even shared which specific products she uses inside.

“While this level of organization might seem intimidating, it really comes down to a simple set of essentials,” the website reads.

A comprehensive look at her pantry photos reveals that there are really only two main investments you’d need to make to recreate the look: enough baskets to hold things like snacks that come in boxes and bags, and number of glass jars for cereals and grains.

Tayler Dube & Burke Doeren

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Kourtney has 17 woven baskets (at least that’s all that are visible in the photo), and while she uses a variety of styles, her website links to versions that cost between $29.95 and $65 each. As for glass jars, we counted 40 in her closet, but luckily the reality star buys this Overstock set that comes with eight pieces in a pack.

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The Poosh post also reveals that Kourtney uses

tags on each basket

to label the snacks, and

stickers on the bottom of each jar

to mark the food’s expiration date. And of course she wouldn’t be a true professional organizer without

recommending a label maker

. The only thing Kourtney does not specifically call out, are the large glass domes in the center of her pantry which are ironically not being utilized, but are most likely used to cover cakes or pastries in her kitchen. (This version from Dillard’s looks pretty darn similar though.)

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The total cost of everything in her pantry excluding the food comes to just under $900, according to our estimate. Get a full breakdown below.

Crate and Barrel Sedona Honey Low Open Tote: 17 at $29.95 each = $509.15
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Overstock Cook N Home 8-Piece Glass Canister and Spice Jar Set with Lids: 5 sets of 8 at $27.99 = $139.95
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Ikea Socker Plant Pot: 3 at $1.99 = $5.97
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DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Handheld Label Maker: $17.88
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Large Blank Perforated Kraft Hang Tags: $10.99
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Brown Natural Kraft Paper Dot Stickers: $9.99
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Chip Bag Clips: $6.98
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Acrylic 6 Section Tea Bag Box: $18.99
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Southern Living Glass Cake Dome: 2 at $59 = $118
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Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Glass 0.5 Gallon Storage Jar: 5 at $9.95 = $49.75
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Total: $887.65