It's not too late: Walmart still has above ground pools on sale, some as cheap as $259

Kevin Billings

For much of the country, the last week has been a scorcher — and it's only going to get hotter. While air conditioning is nice, a pool is a great way to stay cool, get some exercise, and a great excuse for a party.

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But if you think it's too late to save on a pool for this summer, then you are wrong. You can actually have a pool in your backyard by this weekend.

If you go to Walmart, there are plenty of above ground pools still available and on sale, so you don't have to worry about destroying your yard. Here are a few of the best deals on pools available at Walmart right now:

Summer Waves 24-foot x 52-inch Metal Frame Pool — $539.00

Image: Summer Waves

If you have the space and want to take advantage of it, Summer Waves 24-foot x 52-inch pool is one to look at. One of the bigger above ground pools available, this one pool can serve as a nice centerpiece to anyone's backyard and shouldn't be limiting if several people want to hop in and cool off. And considering its $539, down from its listed $778 price, its definitely a sale to jump on.

Coleman 22-foot x 52-inch Steel Frame Swimming Pool — $544

Image: Coleman

If you're looking for something that might be a little more durable, then the Coleman Power Steel is the pool to look at. The steel frame will be able to handle the physical strain from a full pool better than most. The frame will be less susceptible to rusting as well, which is a big plus for any metal frame pool. And again, with a sales price of $544, down from its listed price of $679, its one to look at.

Intex 16-foot x 16-foot x 48-inch Square Prism Frame Pool — $519

Image: intex

Perhaps the circular design doesn't float your boat and you prefer something with angles. Intex's prism frame pool definitely fits that bill. Because of the design, there is also a little extra room compared to circular pools. When it comes to pools, extra room is always a plus especially if you're going to have any post-grad plans. And the Intex pool is currently down from $689 to $519.

Summer Waves 18-foot x 48-inch Metal Frame Pool — $279


Maybe you want something a little smaller or just don't have the room for any listed above. Summer Waves's 18-foot x 48-inch pool might be the pool for you. Essentially, this is a smaller version of the 24-foot x 52-inch pool listed above, so you know that the quality will be on par with its larger counterpart. The sale on it isn't too bad either, down to just $279 from $388.66.

Summer Waves 18-foot x 48-inch Quick Set Above Ground Pool — $259

Image: Summer waves

Sometimes, you just need something simple and easy to set up. The Summer Waves quick set fills that need. While its the same size as the other Summer Waves pool directly above, this requires almost no assembly. Just fill, and enjoy. The sales tag of $259, down from the listed $325.25, is definitely a good price.

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