I've got to be straight up - Jets QB Darnold addresses 'ghosts' comment after career-low night

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Sam Darnold said he was just being "straight up" with his on-field comment that was picked up during the New York Jets' resounding defeat to the New England Patriots.

The Jets quarterback was heard on the field mic saying "I'm seeing ghosts" when down 24-0 in the first half of Monday's contest at MetLife Stadium.

By the end of the game, Darnold had gone 11-of-32 for a career-low 86 yards and tied a career-high four interceptions as the Pats (7-0) went on to triumph 33-0.

It was just Darnold's second game back since recovering from mononucleosis and he vowed to learn from a tough evening after the Jets fell to 1-5.

"When I talk to the coaches, I just got to be straight up and, for me, I have just got to see the field a lot better; that's kind of what that means," Darnold replied when asked about his "ghosts" comment. 

"It was a rough night out there and obviously I got to be better and learn from the mistakes but we will get better.

"I definitely think I was pressing too hard, trying to get a 24-point score in one play. I just got to take it one play at a time and continue to play the game the way it's meant to be played."