'Why Would You Want To Be Anywhere Else?': Meet The People Of Albuquerque

Jenna Amatulli
'Why Would You Want To Be Anywhere Else?': Meet The People Of Albuquerque

Albuquerque was the 22nd stop on HuffPost’s Listen to America road trip. We spoke to locals about why this New Mexico city is home. Here’s what they had to say: 

“I’m returning from a stint in LA, New York, around the country really. I’ve come back to my hometown to be able to add to the conversation and share what wealth of knowledge I’ve received living in other cities.”

― Jaque Fragua, 31, artist

“I live here in Albuquerque by choice. Just closer to my home, I’m originally from here in the Southwest.”

― Ty Harris, 23, artist

“This is where my people come from, here and in Mexico. ... I came here to be closer to my people, my roots.”

― Lisa Lucero, 53, drummer and union carpenter

“I fell in love and I never left. It’s either love it or hate it. If you’ve never been here at all, the scenery is so breathtakingly different. ... Why would you want to be anywhere else?”

― Paul Mansfield, 69, retired

 “I love New Mexico. ... When I come back to New Mexico, I literally have joy in my heart.”

― Michael Padilla, 45, business owner

“I love it here. I’m too afraid to leave Albuquerque.”

― Rose Jojole, 47, stay-at-home mom

“I was supposed to move to California, but I changed my mind. I wanted to stay close to my family. I’m very close to my family. ... I love Albuquerque. It’s very peaceful and beautiful.”

― Stephanie Rodgriguez (translated by Lin Marksbury), 28, educational assistant

“I moved to Albuquerque because of sign language. ... I work here in the community now. I love it here.”

― Maila Brock, 39, sign language interpreter

 “We’re pretty partial. This is home for us. All of our family is here. ... Warts and all, we love our city and our friends.”

― Evelyn Dow, 56, management

“It just seems like Albuquerque is a good city.”

― Christopher Simpson, 13, student

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