This app will let you delete all your drunk texts once you sober up

This app will let you delete all your drunk texts once you sober up

Wiper is a new smartphone app that will let you do something you may have wanted to do with certain drunk texts, and that’s delete them after the fact both on your phone as well as on the recipient’s handset. Spotted by Business Insider, Wiper is available for iOS and Android devices, where it acts almost like any other messaging app, allowing users to chat (text and voice), as well as send and receive media files.

However, its trick lies in the “Wipe” button, which can be used by any party in the conversation to delete parts of the chat, or the entire thing, from all devices. Wiper will automatically get rid of everything in the chat, whether it’s text, photos or videos, and the app can be quite useful for temporary information sharing. Furthermore, the wipe also removes the same data from the company’s servers, which means it can’t be restored.

Finally, if a person tries to save some of the data in a chat, the app will alert the other party that a screenshot is being taken, just like Snapchat. The same thing happens when a person tries to forward files to a third person.

“We worked in a messaging space for a long time,” developer Manlio Carrelli told Business Insider. “What always frustrated us was that you didn’t always have control or visibility into how long your service providers keep your information. You often don’t know how long your service provider keeps it, and you have zero control over deleting it.”

While Wiper has your back, next time you drunk-text make sure you’re doing it in the Wiper app, otherwise you won’t be able to delete the messages once you realize what you said the following day.

The app is available as a free download in both the App Store and the Google Play Store, with a link available down in the source section.

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