Appeals Court Tosses $44.7 Million Verdict Against City In Shooting Of Michael LaPorta By Off-Duty Cop Patrick Kelly

A federal appeals court threw out a $44.7 million judgment against the city of Chicago, awarded by a jury more than three years ago over off-duty Officer Patrick Kelly’s shooting of his friend, Michael LaPorta, after a night of heavy drinking.

Video Transcript

IRIKA SARGENT: New at 5:00, a stunning development in a story the CBS 2 investigators have been covering for years. A judge just threw out a nearly $45 million verdict in the case of an off duty Chicago police officer who was shot and wounded by his friend. Patrick Kelly is accused of shooting his friend, Michael LaPorta, during a night of drinking in 2010. LaPorta suffered traumatic brain injuries. His family sued the city, saying officials should have flagged Kelly as a problem officer. A jury agreed. But today, an appellate court ruled the city is not responsible.