Applause for 10 Republicans who stood up to Trump: Reader views

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As an independent and a former Republican voter, as well as a Christian, I am appalled that Franklin Graham compared the 10 Republican members of Congress to Judas Iscariot for voting to impeach the outgoing president. He must read a different Bible than I do, as I saw 10 people who showed political courage in the face of pushback and death threats.

What the two-time impeached president did on Jan. 6 was unforgivable. Five people died and he put his own followers in jeopardy. It builds on his fraudulent claims of wide-spread voter fraud that he and his followers have been unable to prove in 59 out of 60 court cases and several recounts.

I applaud these 10 Republicans and wonder why others did not join them.

— Keith Wilson; Charlotte, N.C.

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After his first impeachment, President Donald Trump smugly tweeted a quote from a New York Times article about the Senate's failure to convict: "When you strike at the king you must kill him." The article was borrowing from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

When he riled up the mob that attacked the Capitol, he endangered the lives of his vice president and the speaker of the House, among others. After such a blatant attack on Congress and Republican leadership, it would be foolish on their part not to convict him in a Senate trial and not to keep him from running for office again.

Trump has become an existential threat to the party and must be purged. The only way for that to happen now is through conviction in the Senate and a vote under the 14th Amendment to bar him from seeking office.

— George Magakis Jr.; Norristown, Pa.

The blacklist is back. Anyone having dealings with President Donald Trump or his organization is to be punished. I wonder whether those severing ties with Trump are mad or whether they are trying to insulate themselves from the wrath of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party?

This second impeachment is insanity, mainly because it is not warranted. Nor was the first one. The Democratic talking points are all hyperbole. Plus, the Senate will not come back into session unless all Senators vote to do so. That won’t happen. The next session starts on Wednesday. Joe Biden becomes president at noon and that is when Trump’s term ends.

Biden should take note of how low the bar has been set for impeachment. If the Republicans get control of the House, they can impeach him for anything, using the precedents set by the Democrats.

— Michael Rasche; Evansville, Ind.

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To those in Congress who say they are against voting to convict President Donald Trump because it would be "divisive" to do so, what would it take to change your mind?

If the riots had led to several bombs going off, destroying large portions of the Capitol and killing dozens of lawmakers, would voting to convict or impeach still be too divisive? What if all rioters had assassinated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and actually hung Vice President Mike Pence? It seems clear at this point that some rioters had those actions in mind. Would that have been enough to impeach and convict?

If the events of Jan. 6 had been instigated by a Democrat, would those same Republicans have voted against impeachment? What about conviction?

— Walter W. Offen; Indianapolis, Ind.

Some maintain President Donald Trump’s congressional supporters are capable of repentance. Doesn’t seem like it. Only 10 could see their way clear to using the procedure specified in the Constitution for wrongdoing.

Congress could prevent Trump from running again, but it won’t. Ancient Rome and Athens exiled or ostracized populist tyrants for many years. They had spines and really wanted to preserve their democracy.

In America, we can’t do without our drama queen for a day let alone a decade. And we don’t give a damn about democracy any longer.

— Kimball Shinkoskey; Woods Cross, Utah

Rather than completely dodging their responsibilities to protect and defend the Constitution, and by the way our republic, the Senate GOP should collectively vote to convict President Donald Trump. Not likely, but it would save the few who decide to stand up to our president from his revenge. Trump is fond of picking on a few from the Republican herd. But if the majority of Senators vote the same way, his plan of attack would be limited.

Republicans need to finally stand together as a party and do the right thing. For the past four years, only one or two of its members have consistently pushed back against Trump's antics. And the rest of the party has been allowing the moral few to get bullied. If that doesn't stop, the GOP risks becoming a party forever dominated by this bully president.

— Wayne Widner; San Pedro, Calif.

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