Apple announces location-tracking AirTags for finding lost items

Available April 30, the wireless AirTags expand Apple's FindMy system allowing users to locate misplaced or stolen items.

Video Transcript

- FindMy includes a vast end-to-end, encrypted, and anonymous network approaching a billion Apple devices that can help locate a missing iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac, even when it's offline. We also opened a FindMy network so you can use FindMy to find third-party products. And this is just the beginning. Today, we're adding to this growing ecosystem with a new iPhone accessory that makes finding things even easier.


This is AirTag. The next time the couch eats your keys, AirTag will help find them. AirTag uses the FindMy network so iPhone can help you keep track of and find your things. You can personalize your AirTag to make it your own, even with emoji. AirTag is easy to use by itself or with beautiful accessories we've designed. So you can attach it to just about anything, like your backpack, luggage, or whatever else you have. You can keep track of your AirTag right in the FindMy app.

Any iPhone with our U1 chip, like iPhone 12, uses helpful overlays to guide you directly to a lost item when it's nearby. We call this precision finding. As you move, precision finding uses our U1 chip to get the precise distance to your AirTag. iPhone fuses that data with input from the camera, accelerometer, and gyroscope to give you visual haptic and audible feedback, guiding right to your AirTag.


At Apple, we believe privacy is a human right. And that's why we designed it into AirTag and the FindMy network. With the FindMy network, everyone can participate without sharing their location to anyone, including Apple. AirTag is designed to track items, not people. So we included safety features to discourage unwanted tracking, like unwanted tag detection, rotating identifiers, and audible alerts from unknown tags. These capabilities are an industry first and are driven by our commitment to privacy.

So that's AirTag. AirTag is just $29. And because you likely have more than one important item in your life, a four pack is just $99. Orders start this Friday and AirTag will be available April 30. We also worked with Hermés on a special handcrafted leather collection-- a bag charm, luggage tag, and key ring, each including an AirTag etched with an Hermés signature. With AirTag and the FindMy network, iPhone can now help you find even more things.