Apple finally looks ready to kill off the iPad 2

Jacob Siegal

Apple iPad 2 Discontinuation

The first reports of Apple’s intention to drop the iPad 2 from its lineup appeared in late 2012, yet the $399 tablet still sits on store shelves today. Over a year later, and nearly three years since the tablet’s launch, Apple Insider has learned that the ancient iPad 2 might finally be taken off the market this year. According to unnamed sources, consumers looking for a tablet at a slightly lower price point have begun shifting to the Retina iPad mini, displacing the evergreen iPad 2.

The lifespan of the second generation iPad has been very impressive, and it remains one of the most popular devices in Apple’s arsenal. But as the iPad line has filled out, shipments of the iPad 2 have begun to shrink. There is no announced end date for the iPad 2, but don’t be surprised if the three-year-old tablet begins disappearing in the coming months.

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